We recommend a maximum of 8 people per table and we have 3 Shuffleboards that follow the official rules and are full size (22 feet).

Drop-in Price: SEK 85 / hour / person.

Prices When booking: SEK 350 / hour / table.

Reservations can be made by phone on 031 - 19 19 19 or via email at [email protected]

Warm welcome!


Each team's goal is to collect 15 points ahead of the opposing team.

  • Divide into two teams and stand on one of the table's two short sides.
  • Designate which team starts by playing over a puck to the opposite side. The team that comes closest to the short side begins.
  • Take back the two pucks and reset the scoreboard.
  • The starting team now strikes a puck from one short side to the other and tries to get as close to the other short side as possible.
  • When the puck has stopped, the other team does the same and it is fully allowed to knock out the other team's puck (s).
  • Repeat this until there are no pucks left on the short side that you are standing on.
  • Now count the points. Note that only the pucks that are past the opponent's best puck are scoring (so only one team gets points each time) and the pucks standing on the line always belong to the lower scoring zone and if it hangs a little outside the opposite short side, this counts as 5 point.
  • Key in the points using the buttons located near each short side.
  • The team that first gets 15 points or more wins the game.